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Feb 2012 – Photo A Day – #1 Your View Today

Day 01 – Your View Today

This was my view when I went grocery shopping.  The snow & ice & wind storm  the Pacific Northwest (commonly called… the PNW) had on the 18th – 21st of January left MUCH evidence behind, mainly in the TONS of broken trees you can see EVERYWHERE!

The snow??  It is gone.  Except for two piles in the Fred Meyer (a Kroger co. and my favorite store!) parking lot.

For some reason I like seeing those piles of snow there.  🙂  Maybe it is because I missed all the “fun” while taking the train to MN for my step-Dad’s memorial service.

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Blessings, ~Mrs. R (aka Aunt Mae)

Jan 2012 Photo A Day Challenge – Day 17 – Water

Day 17 is “Water”

I titled this one…

White Western WA Water

These were taken on the way to church… yes, right out the van window… and with trip preparations I just didn’t get a chance to post these until I returned!  🙂

We here in Western WA are NOT used to regular snowfall… and the day I left (the 18th there was even MORE snow, and sleet and more snow that day after that!

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Blessings, ~Mrs. R (aka Aunt Mae)