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Homemaking Link Up!!

It’s Wednesday and you know what that means?  YES!!  A Homemaking Link Up!

Today I want to encourage you to join me in giving thanks to the Lord in the everyday things of life.  I have recently read Ann Voskamp’s book, One Thousand Gifts and was convicted that I do not offer up enough thanks!  But in starting I can make headway in living fully right where I am.

In the middle of my cluttered home, with an Arrow in training, attempting to get my fledgling soap business “suds-ing along”,  trying to garden when the Lord saw fit to make this year another quite cool spring, and cool summer, and I could go on and on.

Lately, I have been feeling far from the Lord and as though I am spinning my wheels.  I ‘know’ in my head that the Lord has not left me.  He states that clearly in His word.  So that must mean that I have wandered away.  Again.

I let far too many things distract me from the thanks and joy in the small everyday things.  And when I have wandered I do not react to those distractions well.  I have started to yell again.  Oh how I hate it when I yell.   It’s so… belittling and shows a lack of self-control.

So after reading Ann’s book I have determined to start my own list of one thousand gifts.  I want  to be a part of a revolution of thankfulness to God.  Join me won’t you?


~Mrs. R

Homemaking Link Up!!

You may well be asking why in the world I would be linking to a site that is for raising homemakers.  I don’t have a future homemaker but a future homemaker’s leader.

It is simple.  I have gleaned much from this site and I thought many of you would as well!  I am still learning how to be a homemaker, and still have much to still learn.  I can wish my early training was different, but…

If wishes were horses beggars would ride.

So I will get back to my work.  A holy calling that is NOT so easy to implement!  The idea presented today is that a homemaker sits idly around eating bon bons and watching soap operas because her “work” is so quickjly and easily done leaving her with many, many hours of “unproductive” & “unfulfilled” time.

I can not disagree more!  Yes scrubbing a toilet one time is done quickly and easily.  It isn’t the individual tasks that are a homemaker’s sole role.  It is maintaining a neat, clean and orderly home.  And all that BEFORE any children come along.  Once the blessings start arriving (one prays with great regularity!!) then the systems established can be maintained to some degree.  Much of the original ‘system’ will by necessity change due to the needs of the dear children and the new mother.

Many young mother’s think they can continue to “burn the candle at both ends” and deprive themselves of sleep.  But it is imperative for you to protect your adrenals!  You do not want to wind up with severe adrenal fatigue.  Trust me on this one!  Getting plenty of sleep is so important.

Well, all this for a link up.  Hmm, I think I had better go vacuum the house and plan our dinner!  🙂


~Mrs. R