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Jan 2012 Photo A Day Challenge – Day 21 – Reflection

Day 21 is “Reflection”

I guess this one needs a bit of an explanation…

This photo was taken on the 21st of January.  I was in Minnesota, at my mom’s (this is her living room) for my Daddy-J’s memorial service.  She planned this one for all the people in MN who couldn’t attend the MI funereal.

I wasn’t even thinking about this photo challenge… or the topic for the 21st – Reflection

I was just trying to get a good picture of the flower arrangement my church had sent for the memorial service.

I was actually able to capture so much more!

Mom told me this is the spot (where the two pillows are) on this couch is where Daddy-J talked to me for our business consultant bi-weekly phone calls.

Then there is the mirror on the wall and the reflection of the flowers in the glass table top.

The 21st was THE day of the service… and here are my ‘reflections’ in words…

The very first time I met J was when he and mom came to visit my family in Washington State. I was struck by the fact that he didn’t just talk about the importance of family, he took action on his values, visiting each of his own sons’ families each year and adding my family to the yearly visiting rounds.

Upon meeting J I immediately noticed how personable he was. J was a very pleasant man and one who was easy to get to know. He had lots of great childhood stories, even showing his care of other people in those very stories. My favorite was one about his early milk round days, and oatmeal raisin cookies. Over the five years I got to know J his humility also became very apparent.

Then last year I was privileged to see another side of J, his business side. After a Christmas gift of my homemade soap he asked if I would be interested in his help with developing my business plan. This was the beginning of our bi-weekly business consultation phone calls.

Every other Monday afternoon was our time to talk. I learned a lot about building a business from the ground up. J learned a lot about how soap is made. He didn’t call to also talk with anyone else, just to me, and only about Mae’s Soap. These calls were a self-sacrificing side of J that was new to me. He went well, above and beyond, the business consultant, call of duty, in making numerous phone calls to butchers, in my local area, to find one, who was willing to provide me with the beef fat I needed for my soap.

September of 2011 was their eventful visit to Washington State when he had his strokes and was hospitalized. During his time being prepared for ambulance rides or at the hospital, I saw how pleasant, cheerful and with a genuine concern for others he had, despite any concern, pain or discomfort he was experiencing. I was amazed at his politeness to everyone despite any pain he was enduring.

I knew J wanted to have face-to-face talks about my business plan when they came out to visit. In God’s providence they were still able to happen after his first stoke. We were able to spend an entire day and a half talking about, Mae’s Soap. We got so much more done with these face-to-face meetings, making business plans well into 2012. Despite all our plans and appointments, J was very disappointed he was not able to meet “our” butcher. I did go meet him by myself and J’s only question to me afterward was if I thought I would be able to work with him, to which I was able to answer with an enthusiastic YES! His concern made me feel like a cherished, protected daughter.

It was J’s brush with death that made me realize he had become more to me than merely my mom’s husband. I told him he had become like a father to me. He told me I was like the daughter he never had. God’s word tells us we are to honor our parents and to emulate their godly characteristics in our own lives.

It was after his death that I was given the most precious gift. I was assured, by friends of J & mom, of J’s personal relationship with Christ. So now, not only do I have a father’s example of godly characteristics to emulate in my own life. I look forward to seeing again in heaven, my Daddy-J.

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Photo A Day Challenge

Blessings, ~Mrs. R (aka Aunt Mae)

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Jan 2012 Photo A Day Challenge – Day 12

Day 12 is “Close-up”

These close ups are flowers in a bouquet given to me by a very special young man, JL.

He was recently unemployed… and The Patriarch’s company was hiring.  DH took JL in and introduced him to the boss.  JL had an interview and got the job!  We are so thrilled for him.

JL recently started courting Miss LB.  How can you court a girl without a job??

JL, the thoughtful young man that he is, wanted to come by to express his gratitude for our help.  So I invited him for dinner!

We had a lovely evening of fellowship.  So lovely that none of us realized that it had become 1:30 in the morning!

Courting… is not dating.

Courting… is not arranged marriages.

Courting… is finding the mate God has for you.  Under the guidance and protection of your parents.  Still keeping all your emotions ‘under wraps’ as this one may not become your spouse… and we are not to defraud another.

  There is much more to it all than this,

but this is enough of a definition for now.

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Photo A Day Challenge

Blessings, ~Mrs. R (aka Aunt Mae)