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Jan 2012 Photo A Day Challenge – Day 7 – Favorite

Day 7 is “favourite” – in the USA spelling it is favorite.

I was fresh out of creative juices…

so…  I chose to photograph my favorite thing about me, my hair.

I grew up in the 60’s with all the l-o-n-g, super straight hair being “in”.  Even at that time my hair was not curly, simply wavy.  It got curlier as I got older.

Many years ago I decided to try growing it long.  At the time it was slightly longer than shoulder length.  The Patriarch has always liked long hair.  I has always wanted long hair.  My mom kept it on the shorter side, she didn’t think it would ‘curl’…  it does!  🙂

It is actually easy to care for.  The only time I brush or comb it is right after I wash it.  I NEVER use shampoo… don’t be grossed out now, it IS clean.  What do I use?  Cream rinse only.  I ‘scrub’ it around with my fingertips, comb out, rinse and then ‘scrunch’ it kind-of dry.  Curly girls should NEVER use shampoo.  Our hair is quite dry, hence the NEED to use the cream rinse only.

Curly hair also requires a different kind of cutting, which is DRASTICALLY different than cutting straight hair.  You NEVER pull curly hair straight to cut it!!  You cut each curl separately.  Since I know NO ONE who can cut my hair like that…

I cut my own hair.  You can read more about curly hair in a great book, “Curly Girls”.

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