These are some of the books I am currently reading:

Edith S. Witmer          

As you near fifty, are you wistfully glancing back at what used to be? Or areyou looking forward with anticipation? Faithful at Fifty speaks to older mothers, grandmothers, single women—to any woman adapting to the changing roles that come with aging. Inspiring testimonies from women show that being faithful at fifty is being a beautiful flower in full bloom.

I have been so encouraged by this book!  From relationships to hormones out of whack to trusting God alone in all circumstances, this book has me going back to God’s word for truth in what my priorities should be & what my attitude should be towards aging.  This is not a wholesale endorsement of all CLP materials, just my comments on this one book.

THE DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY BOOK Vol 1, 2, & 3         Scott Kelby