Monthly Archives: August 2012

You May Have Wondered Why Aunt Mae’s Blog Silence…?

Honey From Flinty Rocks

has officially moved!

My new blog URL is:

I still have lots of work to do at the new site, but I am up and running!

My first post at my new site is a Gluten Free Angle Food Cake recipe!

If you have subscribed, you will need to resubscribe.  I have not found any way to transfer you all over to my new site.

I’m sorry.  Truly.

I have big plans that I will be unveiling in the next weeks and months.

I have a number of posts I have been working on.  There are some terrific guest posts I have waiting to publish.  A giveaway is in the works… and much, much more!

So please Stay Tuned… but Change That Dial!!  🙂

Blessings,  ~Aunt Mae (aka ~Mrs. R)