The Fireworks Have Arrived

Dazzling Sparkling Fireworks will dazzle and delight any hair style with the sparkling accents of red, white (clear), and blue. Here’s your chance to show your patriotic colors!

A second July FOTM will be released sometime in July to bring the warm weather beachy style right to our homes.


9 responses to “The Fireworks Have Arrived

  1. Charlotte Moore

    I tried to vote again this morning, but it was gray and yellow.It did not work. You were at 19.

  2. Charlotte Moore

    oops!! gray not yellow.

  3. Charlotte Moore

    Just checked again and it is still gray. You do have 20 though so someone has gotten through.

  4. Charlotte Moore

    FINALLY got to vote!!! Now you have 22 so some are getting through. It stayed gray after I voted so maybe it will be alright. I didn’t notice it doing that yesterday.

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