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Peter Carl Faberge’s 166th Birthday & NEW Lilla Rose Hair Sticks

Today, Google’s front page honors Peter Carl Faberge’s 166th birthday.

Alexander III started the tradition in 1885. Every year, he commissioned an egg from his court jeweler, Peter Carl Fabergé, as a gift to his wife, the Empress Maria Fyodorovna. After Alexander’s death, his son, Nicholas II continued the tradition, commissioning from the firm two eggs each year.

At Easter, Fabergé himself would present one egg to the Dowager Empress Maria Fyodorovna, while his assistant would present the second to Alexandra Fyodorovna, Nicholas’s wife. In all, 56 of these masterpieces were produced between 1885 and 1917, however, only 10 of these have remained in Russia. Masters from the Fabergé firm worked on each Easter egg for nearly a year. Designers, goldsmiths and silversmiths, jewelers, stone carvers, enamelers and sculptors all took part in its preparation, from the initial sketches to the finishing touches. The final word, however, was always had by Fabergé, “a great, incomparable genius,” in the words of Maria Fyodorovna.

These astounding creations often included delicate mechanisms. They were equally remarkable for their unusual design, the extraordinary precision of their execution, their magnificent detail and the wonderful selection of the most precious materials. The subject and form of each imperial Easter egg were unique. Some celebrated intimate family themes, while others honored notable events in the life of the Russian state and the imperial family.

Karl Fabergé created his famous ceremonial eggs as symbols of life and resurrection for Imperial families in celebration of Orthodox Easter. These eggs belong to the most celebrated goldsmith works of modern times and contain surprises, which were not revealed to the Czar’s family until Easter. Even when being asked by the Czar, Fabergé did not divulge the secret and answered stereotypically: “Your Majesty will be satisfied.”

And today, Lilla Rose released a new set of Cloisonné Bead Hair Sticks that are reminiscent of Faberge eggs.So very pretty!!  I love using Hair Sticks and can’t wait to order a set of these!!

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Blessings, Aunt Mae (aka ~Mrs. R)