Feb 2012 – Photo A Day – #15 Phone

Day 15 – Phone

Yes this phone actually does work!

Yes, I do know how to “dial” a phone!

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Blessings, ~Mrs. R (aka Aunt Mae)


3 responses to “Feb 2012 – Photo A Day – #15 Phone

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  2. Charlotte Moore

    I wonder if this “technical” generation could figure out how to use this?? HAHA!!!

    • There are no icons, no help button, no user manual (if they even read those!), no apps for it, no downloads for it, it plays no music, you can’t load up a fancy or funny ringtone, it shows no pictures, it shows no videos, it doesn’t tweet, it isn’t linked, it doesn’t upload or download anything, and you can’t “pin it”.

      So in answer to your question… probably not. 🙂