Black Berkey Water Filter Failures

Discovered this and immediately thought of all my many prepper friends who would NEED to know!!  There is a potential problem with two batches of the black Berkey filters.

Here is a link to the New Millennium Concepts letter explaining how to tell if YOUR black Berkey filter is one in the effected group AND how to check to see if yours works or not.
Me??  I didn’t need this information.

Why?  We bought an Aqua Rain!  Made in the USA too!   Do you want to know the second reason I bought an Aqua Rain?  The first being made in USA as stated above.  The second reason… the filters.  You can read about their superior filtering at their website.

The third reason… those nifty handles on the upper reservoir!  Those things are not on the Berkey.  Prepper friends told us that you frequently lift the upper reservoir to check the water level.  I figured it would be easier with handles.

Blessings, ~Mrs. R (aka Aunt Mae)


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