Feb 2012 – Photo A Day Challenge!!

I had lots of fun with the January Photo-A-Day challenge!  Many of the challenges really stirred my creative juices.  A few left me a complete blank.  I doubt I will go back to fill in the missing challenge-photos, but I was hoping to have one for each day.

I had so much fun that I was quite excited to find out there would be a challenge for each month of this year!  I do not expect to travel this month… so this one should be a bit easier in some ways.

Join in the fun!!  Here is the list for February.  As with last month’s challenge I will link to all my photos from this list.   🙂

01. Your View Today

02. Words

03. Hands

04. A Stranger

05. 10 AM

06. Dinner – a total blank here…

07. Button

08. Sun

09. Front Door

10. Self Portrait – another blank

11. Makes You Happy

12. Inside Your Closet

13. Blue

14. Heart

15. Phone

16. Something New

17. Time

18. Drink

19. Something You Hate To Do

20. Handwriting

21. A Fave Photo Of You

22. Where You Work

23. Your Shoes

24. Inside Your Bathroom Cabinet

25. Green

26. Night

27. Something You Ate

28. Money

29. Something You’re Listening To

Join the fun!! 

You can go here for details

and to see other photos (in links)… at your own discretion!


Feb 2012 Photo A Day Challenge

Blessings, ~Mrs. R (aka Aunt Mae)