Jan 2012 Photo A Day Challenge – Day 25 – Something You Made

Day 25 is “Something You Made”



Set 1 - Ivory - Bride's Pillow

Set 1 - Ivory - Groom's Pillow

Set 1 Pillows were made from the same Duponi silk fabric in ivory as the bride’s custom-made dress.  The hand appliqued lace is also the same as the bride’s dress.  The lace was applied so the bride & groom pillow tops are mirrors of each other.  They each have a scroll-braid-trim snap ring holder.  The groom’s pillow edging is the same color as the bridesmaid’s dresses and the groomsmen’s vests.


Bride's, Groom's and Honeymoon Corsage set

Silk flowers

Hand Beading

"I'm The Bride!" Honeymoon Corsage

Set Two is made from  silk fabric in a color called ice similar to the bride’s dress.  These pillows were made to go with a stunning store bought dress with pearl and crystal beading at the bodice and hem.  Tons and tons of pearls and crystals!  On the edge of the bride’s pillow I used a repeating pattern of 3 round pearls, a single oval pearl, 3 round pearls, a single bicone Austrian crystal.  The groom’s pillow has a lace overlay and an evergreen trim that matches the groomsmen’s vests.  The “I’m The Bride!” Honeymoon corsage I made in the ice white, whisper pink and evergreen to match the wedding colors.

What you have never heard of an “I’m The Bride!” corsage before??  That is because I made it up especially for this bride.  Mrs. C.


This woman waited for 35 years to get married.  In all the 6 years I knew her, not once did I ever hear even the slightest hint of discontent, not any bitterness.  She showed complete trust in her father’s decisions and stand that he would rather his daughter’s remain unmarried than to be married unsuitably.  What a wonderful testimony to her parent’s and her Lord she showed.

Have you wondered where in the world will you ever find a potential spouse for your child who is ready for marriage but without any suitable courting prospects?  Her husband “came out of nowhere”.  Her family did not know him or his family.  But his pastor knew her family and when he expressed the desire to marry, but someone his own age… he was directed to her family.  In fact there were four different families who directed him tho her family for a potential wife.  God is ABLE.

Are you interested in a set for an upcoming wedding?  Contact me through the comment section of this post with the date of your wedding and what you are looking for.  Pricing depends upon the amount of detail work you are asking for.  A minimum of 8 weeks are required to order.

You too can have a single or pair of custom ring bearer pillows to match the wedding dress of your dreams!

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Blessings, ~Mrs. R (aka Aunt Mae)


4 responses to “Jan 2012 Photo A Day Challenge – Day 25 – Something You Made

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  2. Charlotte Moore

    Oh, my, what beautiful pillows. Your work looks to perfection. I love the idea of matching trim to the bridesmaid dresses. When my next grandson marries I sure wish I could get one of these. Could you tell me what price range? I know you have to know exactly what a person would want. I just wondered where they started. So so pretty!

    • Hello Charlotte!
      Thank you for your comments on my pillows! I am thinking that they would start at about $50 – $75 for a simple square or round one with matching cording (sometimes the cording has to be hand sewn on) and for a hand beaded one probably $200 or more, similar for hand appliqued lace… all very time consuming! 🙂
      Blessings, ~Mrs. R (aka Aunt Mae)

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