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Jan 2012 Photo A Day Challenge – Day 8 – Your Sky

 “Your Sky”

I nearly burst out laughing when I read that one!  I know, I know, “a sky” isn’t particularly funny…

but here in the Pacific Northwest the skies are usually very interesting.

Add an unusually sunny day in January…

well it makes for GREAT photos!

The one thing you can count on, living here in this region…

whatever the weather,

just wait 5 minutes and it will have changed!

Then you add in the widely varied geography…

What’s a photographer not to love??!!

Driving west, I took this out our van windshield at 10 AM.  This is at the top of the “toenails of the foothills” that I live on.  We are at about 630 feet above sea level.  Just a few feet back up the hill we were above the fog level and I could see the Olympic mountains peeking above the fog layer….

alas, when one is already late for church…

is NOT the time to turn around for a photo,

challenge or no challenge…


I do like the fog photo though!

A mere 20 minutes later, lower in elevation, and looking north, was this view out the windshield!

As I walked out of church at 2:45 PM this western sky was in view.  🙂

Heading toward home, facing north.  I love clouds!

I have been working on a photographic series

” S–n-r Valley Through the Seasons”.

This is looking west, just like the fog photo, only now at 4 PM.

This is part of my photographic series

“Mount Rainier Through the Seasons”


“The Clouds of Mount Rainier”

Yes, the sky is clear here, looking east southeast…

but that is rare in January!!

Love that lenticular cloud!

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Blessings, ~Mrs. R (aka Aunt Mae)