Weight Loss Update – Week 7 & Soap Sale

Here are the previous posts on my very slow girth reduction progress: week 1, week 2, & week 5 but don’t go looking for weeks 3, 4 or 6.

I have still been far too sporadic with my T-Tapping.  But I have Tapped.  Since I started my sporadic Tapping I have lost more inches than pounds.  I had to purchased another tape measure, and I finally measured myself today.  Since July 26th I have reduced a total of 7 inches!   🙂  A little boost to help me with my consistency!

I knew I had reduced in ‘some’ areas.  One bit of proof… we went walking the other day at the park and I wore my new split skirt (purchased in late June).  It has an elastic waist… and kept slipping d-o-w-n…  Oops!  I had to tuck it into my bra in order to walk without indecent exposure.

My Labor Day Sale on Mae’s Handcrafted Natural Soap!  This link will take you to the page will all the details.  Don’t delay, the sale ends tonight!

Blessings, ~Mrs. R

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