Prayer for R. C. Sproul Jr’s Bride

Well Enough to Complain

by RC Sproul Jr.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. When we are in fear for our lives, there is precious little we aren’t willing to go through to make it out alive. We will endure long hardship. We will put up with humiliating procedures. We will grit our teeth through pain. We will bite bullets, all hoping to get to that place where the worry will subside, and we can move forward knowing we’re going to be okay. At which point we go back to normal; we begin again to grumble against the smallest irritants, buck against the simplest requests and refuse the mildest indignities….  go here for the rest of RC’s message.

Let us keep RC’s dear bride in our prayers.  She has encountered a setback in her battle with Leukemia.

Blessings,  ~Mrs. R


2 responses to “Prayer for R. C. Sproul Jr’s Bride

  1. I just finished her book recently. Tending your garden. She is one of the people we pray for…Lord bless her and heal her…

    • Hello Dana,
      I have not read her book. I will have to add that one to my list of must reads! Our family will also be praying for her.
      Blessings, ~Mrs. R