Weight Loss Update – Week 5 & Soap Sale

Did you think I had forgotten you??  Were you waiting on the edge of your computer chairs… waiting with bated breath for my next ‘weight loss progress’ post??  Well it is finally HERE!  Oh… and there is a week 1 and a week 2, but don’t go looking for weeks 3 & 4.  Those posts just never got written.  Sorry…

Not that I have much to say today.  I have been sporadic with my T-Tapping.  And those days that I have T-Tapped I forgot to mark it down on the calendar.  So now to go back and report accurately… well that just isn’t possible! And I had a wonderful bible verse I wanted to share… but now can’t find the piece of paper I wrote the reference on… sigh.

I did weigh myself and have taken off 2 more pounds.  Not a stellar reduction, but I am not discouraged!  I will continue to persevere.  I know I need to be more consistent with the T-Tapping and I could probably stand to do some more tweaking on my eating plan.

I think the one thing that would help me the most is to actually get a weekly menu made up.  Standing at the refrigerator at 6 PM wondering what to fix for dinner is not a good thing.  I had made a menu preciously and loved it!  It was so freeing.  If I wanted to deviate I could do so easily, but I knew what I was going to fix and made sure I had all the ingredients on hand to do so.  I also found that I had more variety in my meals with a schedule.  Without one I tend to fix the same thing over and over because a) it is easy, b) the how to’s are in my head and c) I have the ingredients on hand.

I have followed my eating plan pretty well up to date.  Even with the Patriarch’s birthday celebration!  I made him a Willimasburg Orange Cake.  Well of course if was gluten and dairy free!!  Did you really need to ask??!!!  🙂  What you don’t see in my photos is that I made a single layer, cut it in half.  That made for a half of a two layer cake.  Much better size for our small family.  And baking by ratio means it is a simple thing to double or triple or more the recipe to suit your individual needs.

Then on the 13 of August we met Flopsy and her husband, the Geek, at the Patriarch’s favorite restaurant.  Staying away from gluten is SO much easier than that dastardly hidden dairy!  Ugh.  I did manage to find something that I thought might be ‘safe’ for me to eat and then asked all the standard questions about sauces and butter, etc.  Our waitress was wonderful.  I had ordered a salad and when it came it had croutons on it.  She asked me if she needed to have them remake it for me!  It was a lovely evening.  I literally could NOT eat all my dinner!  I took a few extra bites and then stopped.  I had to give myself permission to NOT eat all that expensive food and I didn’t take it home either.  I was SO full from my dinner that dessert was easily skipped by me!  Yeah!!

And I have some exciting news!  No, I am not pregnant, I wish!!  I know how you think!  I have “officially” launched my soap business as of the 20th of August!!  I have been busily making plenty of soap and started off with a Labor Day Sale!  This link will take you to the page will all the details.

That is all the news that is fit to print.  I will try to post more often… if WordPress would cooperate.  Or is it my computer?  Every time I try to do some action (save, upload a photo, publish, etc) the operation takes f.o.r.e.v.e.r and e.v.e.r and e..v…e….r……..  Hope I find the glitch soon!

UPDATE!  I did find and fix my own computer problem.  I am amazed… I did it all by myself!  My problem was… cookies.  I needed to delete them.  Appropriate for a weight loss post.  🙂

Blessings, ~Mrs. R

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3 responses to “Weight Loss Update – Week 5 & Soap Sale

  1. Where did you go to eat? Sounds like fun! Keep up the good work!

    • Hello Carolyn!
      We went to one of the Anthony’s Home Port restaurants. We love the view of the water, and even saw “some kind of fish” jumping!! They have great food too. Thanks for the encouragement!
      ~Mrs. R

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