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Mrs. R’s Spaghetti Sauce – Truly Italian Tasting! – GF & DF

This Spaghetti Sauce recipe comes from childhood neighbors, who are Italian.  I can remember my mom making this sauce.  I loved watching  mom stir this over the course of an afternoon, as it simmered slowly, the wondrous smell filling our home.  One whiff today transports me right back to the old neighborhood.  The ground beef mom was able to get back then was fattier than what I use so she also had to skim the fat off the sauce.  A process I happily get to forgo.

This is the only spaghetti sauce I make and it always gets raves.  It is the only sauce The Patriarch really likes.  I usually make a huge batch without any meat and then can it.  In fact I usually make it without any meat.  IF we have meat with our spaghetti I usually serve meatballs.  Just an aside here, I make a huge batch of meatballs (yeah, huge for our small family anyway – 5 pounds of ground beef), completely cook them, cool them off and then put them into family sized portions (in their own bags) and then freeze them.  I am then able to make spaghetti and meatballs, meatball subs, sweet & sour meatballs, etc WITHOUT any fuss!  Here’s my ‘ol family REAL Italian Spaghetti Sauce recipe!!

I think the ‘secret’ for this spaghetti sauce is in the very slow, low heat cooking that releases the sugars from the tomatoes without burning them and to blend the flavors.  Burned tomatoes in a sauce will ruin an entire batch and as far as I know… there isn’t any way to eliminate ‘that scorched tomato taste’ from your sauce.    A ‘quick’ sauce will always taste ‘raw’ & unfinished.

Mrs. R’s Real Italian Spaghetti Sauce
1/2 pound ground beef (optional)
1/2 green pepper, seeded and chopped or dehydrated bell pepper
1/2 medium onion, chopped (I use a sweet or white variety)
1 32-ounce can tomatoes
1 32-ounce can tomato sauce
1 can tomato paste
1 toe garlic
2 teaspoons salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
1 teaspoon sweet basil
1 tablespoon raw cane sugar
2 bay leaves
2 tablespoons Romano cheese
1 cup chicken broth

Brown meat well.  Add onions, green pepper and cook until onions are translucent.  Add all the rest of the ingredients and cook 2 hours on simmer.  Watch it carefully so it does not burn!

To make this 100% dairy free, just leave out the Romano cheese.  This small amount doesn’t bother me, so I leave it in.

If I am making this sauce without the meat, I sauté the vegetables in coconut oil, but only a small amount.  You don’t want any extra oil in your sauce!  The sugar is essential to cut the acid from the tomatoes.  It is also essential to not burn the sauce!!  I cook mine on as low a setting as possible and cook it longer if necessary.  You want to cook it until it thickens up.  And, believe it or not, it always tastes better the next day anyway!  I do not can my sauce with the meat, because that would require pressure canning and just the act of pressure canning the cooked sauce would over cook it and burn it.  Yuck.  Don’t ask me how I know this!!  lol  I am not sure why exactly, but there is not another sauce on the market that tastes quite like this one.  Not overly seasoned, but smells and tastes like Italy!!  YUM!!

Notes:  I never, ever, ever, ever use dehydrated garlic, garlic powder or the like.  Ick and double ick!  It has an after taste reminiscent of brass doorknobs… NOT a pleasant flavor in your foods.  Use only FRESH!  It does make a difference.  If you want to toast your garlic (LIGHTLY!!) add it to the vegetables, but after they are done and stir quickly.  You would also need to add everything else to the pot quickly so the garlic doesn’t burn.  Another horrible smell and taste.  You can also add sliced mushrooms to the onions for the spaghetti sauce when you are sauteing them.  We like our mushrooms… and I would add 8 ounces of sliced.

Did I happen to mention not to use dehydrated garlic??  And not to burn the garlic??  And not to burn the tomatoes??  All these cautions… I think in our hurried, got-to-have-it-now society is why a really good spaghetti sauce is not made from scratch more often.  It takes s-l-o-w, very low heat cooking.  Is it really different?  YES!!  Take the time and taste this for yourself.  You’ll be glad you did.

Buon appetito!

Blessings, ~Mrs. R

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Education and Comic Realism

As a child I loved getting the Sunday paper and reading the comics!  I no longer get the newspaper delivered.  Haven’t for many, many years.  I don’t usually immerse myself in propaganda and lies when reading for education.

Comics and cartoons are an interesting way to present a bit of truth.  I am familiar with Filmore, but not this character.  Guess I am behind the times!  Here is one comic about public education.  Though I used the term “education” in this context lightly…

Just a ‘comic’ way to say that this is one reason we homeschool for our education!

Blessings, ~Mrs. R

Prayer for R. C. Sproul Jr’s Bride

Well Enough to Complain

by RC Sproul Jr.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. When we are in fear for our lives, there is precious little we aren’t willing to go through to make it out alive. We will endure long hardship. We will put up with humiliating procedures. We will grit our teeth through pain. We will bite bullets, all hoping to get to that place where the worry will subside, and we can move forward knowing we’re going to be okay. At which point we go back to normal; we begin again to grumble against the smallest irritants, buck against the simplest requests and refuse the mildest indignities….  go here for the rest of RC’s message.

Let us keep RC’s dear bride in our prayers.  She has encountered a setback in her battle with Leukemia.

Blessings,  ~Mrs. R

Weight Loss Update – Week 5 & Soap Sale

Did you think I had forgotten you??  Were you waiting on the edge of your computer chairs… waiting with bated breath for my next ‘weight loss progress’ post??  Well it is finally HERE!  Oh… and there is a week 1 and a week 2, but don’t go looking for weeks 3 & 4.  Those posts just never got written.  Sorry…

Not that I have much to say today.  I have been sporadic with my T-Tapping.  And those days that I have T-Tapped I forgot to mark it down on the calendar.  So now to go back and report accurately… well that just isn’t possible! And I had a wonderful bible verse I wanted to share… but now can’t find the piece of paper I wrote the reference on… sigh.

I did weigh myself and have taken off 2 more pounds.  Not a stellar reduction, but I am not discouraged!  I will continue to persevere.  I know I need to be more consistent with the T-Tapping and I could probably stand to do some more tweaking on my eating plan.

I think the one thing that would help me the most is to actually get a weekly menu made up.  Standing at the refrigerator at 6 PM wondering what to fix for dinner is not a good thing.  I had made a menu preciously and loved it!  It was so freeing.  If I wanted to deviate I could do so easily, but I knew what I was going to fix and made sure I had all the ingredients on hand to do so.  I also found that I had more variety in my meals with a schedule.  Without one I tend to fix the same thing over and over because a) it is easy, b) the how to’s are in my head and c) I have the ingredients on hand.

I have followed my eating plan pretty well up to date.  Even with the Patriarch’s birthday celebration!  I made him a Willimasburg Orange Cake.  Well of course if was gluten and dairy free!!  Did you really need to ask??!!!  🙂  What you don’t see in my photos is that I made a single layer, cut it in half.  That made for a half of a two layer cake.  Much better size for our small family.  And baking by ratio means it is a simple thing to double or triple or more the recipe to suit your individual needs.

Then on the 13 of August we met Flopsy and her husband, the Geek, at the Patriarch’s favorite restaurant.  Staying away from gluten is SO much easier than that dastardly hidden dairy!  Ugh.  I did manage to find something that I thought might be ‘safe’ for me to eat and then asked all the standard questions about sauces and butter, etc.  Our waitress was wonderful.  I had ordered a salad and when it came it had croutons on it.  She asked me if she needed to have them remake it for me!  It was a lovely evening.  I literally could NOT eat all my dinner!  I took a few extra bites and then stopped.  I had to give myself permission to NOT eat all that expensive food and I didn’t take it home either.  I was SO full from my dinner that dessert was easily skipped by me!  Yeah!!

And I have some exciting news!  No, I am not pregnant, I wish!!  I know how you think!  I have “officially” launched my soap business as of the 20th of August!!  I have been busily making plenty of soap and started off with a Labor Day Sale!  This link will take you to the page will all the details.

That is all the news that is fit to print.  I will try to post more often… if WordPress would cooperate.  Or is it my computer?  Every time I try to do some action (save, upload a photo, publish, etc) the operation takes f.o.r.e.v.e.r and e.v.e.r and e..v…e….r……..  Hope I find the glitch soon!

UPDATE!  I did find and fix my own computer problem.  I am amazed… I did it all by myself!  My problem was… cookies.  I needed to delete them.  Appropriate for a weight loss post.  🙂

Blessings, ~Mrs. R

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I’ll Be On Get Real–Get Prepared with Vickilynn Haycraft 08/06 by Preparedness Radio | Blog Talk Radio

Get Real–Get Prepared with Vickilynn Haycraft 08/06 by Preparedness Radio | Blog Talk Radio.

Get Real–Get Prepared with Vickilynn Haycraft. Exploring preparedness from the grass roots up!

Visit Vickilynn’s website at:

This Show’s Topic: Gluten-Free Prepping and Homemade Soap. Please join Vickilynn’s guest, Mrs. R as she discusses important tips and recipes for gluten-free living, prepping and food storage. Mrs. R will also share about making soaps and how we can make them at home. Recipes included! Be sure to check join us for this informative show!

Why preparedness?  Well, last week the timing belt on our van broke.  Since we are a one vehicle family that meant I had no transportation to the store.  The Patriarch’s truck is for work only.  Yes, he could stop at the store on the way home if he NEEDED to… but he is generally greasy and dirty from his hard day at work.  Do you really want him pawing over the fresh produce in the grocery store??  Me neither!

Because we are a preparedness minded family I had no pressing need to go to the store.  I had everything we needed to feed us, clothe us, wash us and entertain us without leaving home!  We were without transportation for 6 days.  Yes, that did mean we didn’t make it to church, again.  My dear husband, the prophet, priest, provider, and protector of our family took care of us.  🙂

Join us Saturday for my interview!  Pacific Time – 4 PM.

Blessings, ~Mrs. R   -who’s debut is on 

Williamsburg Orange Cake – Gluten & Dairy Free

UPDATE:  Now WITH the photos!  🙂

We are here again for another ‘Gluten Free Ratio Rally’!  This month is white/yellow (NO chocolate allowed!) cake and is being hosted by Kate at Gluten Free Gobsmacked.  Go there to see all the other great cakes that were baked up this past month.

This month’s rally has ‘perfect timing’.  It is The Patriarch’s birthday this month and he is always reminding me that he is not a choco-holic as Arrow and I are.  Hm, how could anyone not love a good chocolate cake??  Or chocolate anything for that matter!  lol

So, I decided I would make him a Williamasburg Orange Cake.  Making it gluten and dairy free for Arrow and me.  We have been studying that time period and well, this just seemed to be so fitting somehow.  I have never made one but have looked at the recipe in my “very old 1970’s” Betty Crocker cookbook.  I tried to do some research on the history of this cake, but came up with a big blank.

I also wanted to tackle “canning cake”.  What!!  You’ve never heard of that before??  In our preparedness efforts I have seen commercially canned cakes and wondered if it was possible to do at home.  I did find a small bit of information on the internet about canning cakes and pies.  So why not give it a try?  I found the cutest little 4-ounce, quilted,  straight-sided canning jars at a local fruit stand and gave them a good washing.  They were filled too full of cake batter which left no room for any frosting.  So I will have to see if I can “can” cake with frosting another time.

I have never been very fond of homemade yellow or white cake.  I grew up with the standard boxed cakes and they always turned out tender, moist and tasty.  Yes, all that despite the unnatural ingredients in the box…  My homemade ones never turned out well.  Chocolate I could whip out, but any other… and they were dry, dry, dry and dense.  I just gave up baking yellow and white cakes and stuck with the chocolate ones that always turned out for me.  I would read the recipe then proceed to just throw everything into the mixing bowl and mix it all together.

I read up on cake ratios in Michael Rhulman’s Ratio cookbook to prepare for this rally.  Was I ever SURPRISED!  Well shocked actually.  Truly shocked.  Right down to my toes even.  I didn’t realize what a lazy, haphazard baker I was until reading about cake ratios.

Cakes are in the ‘batter’ section of the Ratio book.  A batter is a dough you can pour.  Yup, even I understand that.  It was the second paragraph that blew me away.  He went on to say that the order the ingredients are combined and the way they are combined is what makes the difference between them!  Oh.  THAT is why those recipes stated to do this and then this…  oops.

Batters are organized by the mixing method used, creaming (pound cake), foaming (standard butter cake), straight mixing (crepes, pancakes, muffins) or  some combination or variation resulting in a variety of cakes).  I was trying to make a pancake/muffin have the consistency of a cake but without using the cake method of mixing the ingredients!

So for this ratio it isn’t JUST the ratio that will be important but HOW those ingredients are combined… and when.  Panifica Emptor!!

Cake ratio – – 1:1:1:1 (eggs, flour, fats, sugar)

Also, you should have your ingredients mise en place.  A fancy French term that means have all your ingredients “all in place” and ready to go… before you start mixing!  I weigh out each steps ingredients into bowls, one for the flours, stirred, one for the oils and ‘extras’, and  the eggs and sugar right into my stand mixer bowl.  I LOVE weighing out my ingredients!!

Williamsburg Orange Cake – Gluten & Dairy Free

makes 1 9×2-inch layer & 4 – 6 4-ounce cakes-in-a-jar

8 ounces eggs (4 large eggs plus 1 large yolk) at room temperature

8 ounces evaporated cane juice

1 teaspoon Pink Himalayan salt

2 teaspoons vanilla

4 ounces Earth Balance buttery spread, softened (I use soy free)

4 ounces grape-seed oil

1/3 cup natural applesauce

2 ounces quinoa flour

2 ounces brown rice flour

1 ounce coconut flour

3 ounces sorghum flour

2 tsp baking powder

1/2 cup raisins

2 teaspoons orange zest from an organic orange

1/4 cup chopped walnuts (or nut of choice)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.  Grease cake pan.  I use palm shortening.  I didn’t grease my canning jars.

Combine the room temperature eggs, sugar, salt, and vanilla in the bowl of a stand mixer.  Using the whisk attachment whip the eggs and sugar on high until the eggs have tripled in volume, a few minutes.  [I was AMAZED at how fluffy it all became…]

Stir to combine all the flours with the baking powder with a whisk or in a food processor with a few pulses.  Remove the bowl from the stand mixer.  Fold in the sifted, stirred flours until you can’t see it anymore, then fold in the Earth Balance/Grape-seed oil, raisins, orange zest and chopped nuts.

Pour batter into prepared pan (and jars).  Bake for 30 – 45 minutes for a layer and 20 – 25 minutes for canning jars, until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean.  Let cool for 10 minutes in pan, then remove to serving plate.  Cool completely.  Frost with Williamsburg “Butter” Frosting.

My 4-ounce jars were done in 20 – 25 minutes.  I let them cool for 10 minutes then put on the seals and rings.  Oh, how I love to hear that “pop” telling me my jars have sealed!  🙂

Williamsburg “Butter” Frosting – Dairy Free

1/4 cup Earth Balance

2 1/4 cups confectioners’ sugar

2 – 3 TBSP orange juice

2 teaspoons orange zest

Blend Earth Balance and sugar.  Stir in orange juice and zest; beat until smooth.

This is quite tasty!  Not as moist as I would have liked, but that is probably from the coconut flour.  I thought the applesauce would compensate, but it did not.  Not as much as I would have liked.  I didn’t have time to do more experimenting.  I learned SO MUCH with this cake ratio rally.  I am looking forward to baking many more yellow/white gluten free cakes!

The bonus in all this…  Not the revelation I learned in proper mixing methods for cakes.  Not the delight in trying to “can” my own cake – and succeeding.   Not the pleasure in making a Willimasburg Orange Cake that I have wanted to make for decades AND have it turn out.

It was the joy in hearing the guys declare this cake good!  THAT is what I do this for.  🙂

Blessings, ~Mrs. R

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Why I Am Gluten Free

It all started when I was trying to determine the cause of the rash The Patriarch has suffered with for about 6+ years now.  I stumbled upon some photos of Dermatitis Herpetiformis.  It looked just like The Patriarch’s rash!  Then I saw the underlying cause… gluten.  As I continued to research celiac I found this list of 300  symptoms.  In reading through the list I realized I had many of them.  I marked all the ones I suffer with…

The one overriding item for me was the vitamin A deficiency.  Many years ago, when Peter Rabbit and Cottontail were small I read a book about raising healthy children despite your doctor.  It said if your child suffered with boils, giving vitamin A would help.  I used to have a terrible time with periodic boils with many scars as evidence of my problem.   I would take Beta Carotene when I felt one coming on.  Sure enough they cleared up very quickly.  A few times I was even able to prevent an eruption if I caught it early enough.  I was not good about taking them daily, but always kept beta-carotene on hand.  I didn’t want to over do the dosage, so used the precursor to the vitamin.  And a deficiency in vitamin A leads to eye problems.  I am the only one in my immediate family who had to wear glasses – starting at 10.

So I decided that I would try eating gluten free to see how I did.  Within two weeks I had a tremendous lessening of all joint pains!  Even the sacroiliac joint injury from the early 90’s.  Joint pains were not worth that piece of bread of bite of cake.  So I made my entire kitchen gluten free and started looking into leaning to bake gluten free foods my family would love.

After thinking about all those symptoms I then realized that my maternal aunt was diagnosed as celiac back about 30 or more years ago when she was in the hospital and almost died.  I also remembered that she ate gluten free.   They didn’t call it celiac then, but have since applied that label.

Then there was “the photo”. 

A little background for clarity…  My maternal grandfather’s first wife committed suicide.  There were three children from their marriage, 2 boys and a girl.  My grandfather later married my grandmother and they proceeded to have five more children, all girls.  My mother is the baby of the family.  I saw a recent photos of some of my cousins, a grouping with some female cousins from both of my grandfather’s wives.  It was very striking to see a great difference in the overweight factor between the two sets of progeny.  None of the ladies from the first wife, though old and a little heavy, are obese (the ones wearing black).  All of the ladies from the second wife are quite large (the one in the white and the one in the red).  All of them including the daughters!  All except the aunt who was diagnosed celiac so long ago.  She’s the only trim one of the lot of us.

Then there are the medical problems: diabetes, diverticulitis,  arthritis, kidney stones, cavities, eye problems, menstrual problems, fertility problems, emotional problems… and the list goes on and on.  All in one family!  Hmm, and celiac is hereditary… hmmm.  It just seemed to me to be the wisest course for me to eliminate gluten from our regular diet.

That is my celiac/gluten free story in a nutshell.  I didn’t have “obvious” celiac symptoms.  I don’t get immediately sick if I eat gluten.  But I have not had a boil in over a year and I have not had to take extra beta-carotene.  I have had a significant reduction in my join pain.  Those two alone are enough to convince me that gluten is not ‘my’ friend!

Please do not misconstrue this post to be medical advice for you.  It is not.  Check out the complete list of celiac symptoms, do your own research, and check into the blood tests that are available and consult with your medical practitioner.  This is my story.   If it helps someone else, so much the better.  But it is still only my gluten free story.

Blessings,  ~Mrs. R

Weight Loss Update – Week 2

I am NOT fizzling out.  I am not giving up.  I have not left the building.  Honest I am NOT!  I have not had time to post… had an “interesting” week… or week and a half…

Tuesday (7/26)… the Lord in His gracious wisdom decided that the timing belt on our van would give out… bringing our only means of  transportation to a complete HALT.

van towed home

This was SUCH a blessing…
~that it was Tuesday and NOT Sunday when we were in the mountains
~that we were ONLY 2 miles from home and could easily walk home, got my exercise in a different form
~that Arrow’s swimming lessons are only 1/4 mile from home and we could easily walk there (our only hard appointment!)
~that we were able to get the van towed home for UNDER $50  🙂
~that we are a preparedness minded family and I didn’t NEED to go to the store despite not having been to the grocery store in 2 weeks
~that this kept me at home and not spending money I don’t need to spend… food isn’t my only “issue”… um… sin
~that The Patriarch has the skills & tools to fix our van, at home… even if it is in the driveway
~that the parts were UNDER $20… phew
~that we had previously purchased one of those ‘pop-up canopies’ which shaded The Patriarch while he worked
~God threw a curve ball to my “plans” and I didn’t give up in frustration!!

So instead of “my” chosen form of exercise I got a 2 and a 1/2 mile walk on Tuesday, a 1/2 mile walk on Wednesday, I “needed” to go to the store for milk on Thursday, which is a mile up the road – another 2 & 1/2 mile walk in that day!, and then a 1/2 mile walk on Friday.  I didn’t exercise on Saturday or today (Sunday), but will continue again on Monday.

I had been wondering if I had truly cut my portions in half and the Lord was so gracious to SHOW me that I had!  On our “Sunday Drive” in the mountains we were out later than we had planned.  I mean, you can’t MISS the one summer day in Seattle!!  So we decided to stop for dinner at a Mexican place.  I figured that fajitas were probably one of the healthiest & economical things for me to eat.  And since they put dairy in their guacamole I had to skip that too. We did get the “appetizer” chips and salsa… BUT I only had 8 – 10 chips. I ate each one slowly.  Stopped and had water between and WAS SATISFIED with only a few. When my meal came I could barely even eat half of it! I was not “stuffed” but comfortably full and again I ate slowly, drank water and put my fork down between bites.  I was shocked.  Pleasantly so!!  I took home the rest and ate it for lunch the next day.  Now you have to understand how it would have been ‘before’… We would have had a minimum of two servings of the chips and salsa with me probably eating most of one by myself. Then when the meal came I would have inhaled mine and then started looking around to see if anyone else had anything they might not want to eat…

Then, sitting in those hard plastic chairs around the pool during swimming lessons… you know the ones that are way to small to sit in comfortably… for a big lady anyway.  Well after the first few days of T-Tapping I could “feel” the difference in the chairs! They were still tight, but less painfully so. I have not measured myself, but will do so Monday morning and post those numbers with the week 3 update.

Then on Friday we were watching a movie and we were all going to have a piece of the Chocolate Peanut Butter cake (recipe below).  Now mind you this is really something that is allowable for me as it is made with beans!  I got served that piece of cake and then proceeded to completely forget it was there! It was well over half way through the movie before I noticed it and said, I really don’t even want this.  Arrow ate it and was thrilled he got to have a second ‘piece of cake’.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Chickpea Cake

gluten free, dairy free, grain free

1 1/2 cups sprouted or soaked and cooked chickpeas
3 eggs
3/4 cup sucanat
1/3 cup – half of it applesauce and half of it extra virgin olive oil
1/4 cup cocoa powder

2 TBSP natural peanut butter
1 tsp baking powder
Dash salt

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease an 8″x4″ loaf pan and set aside.

Combine the chickpeas, eggs and sucanat in a food processor and blend until smooth. Add the remaining ingredients and blend until uniform, scraping down the sides of the bowl if necessary. Pour into the greased loaf pan and bake for about 40 minutes, until a toothpick inserted comes out clean. [I actually used my VitaMix, just load ½ the beans, all the dry things then the rest of the beans and the eggs on top. I think it would blend up without as much stopping and scraping down the sides.]

Serve in slices like pound cake or decorate as desired.

This can also be baked in a 9″ round cake pan if you don’t have the right size loaf pan. Watch for doneness after 35 minutes. If you don’t have cocoa powder, you can substitute 1 1/2 cups chocolate chips and melt in a double boiler and blend with the chickpeas and cut down on the sweetener.

I baked mine in a square pan. When I took it out of the oven I sprinkled chocolate chips aver the top and then let them melt and spread it like ‘frosting’.  I then put small dollops of peanut butter on top of that and swirled it in.  Pretty and tasty!  Sorry no photo… the pan is nearly empty and it’s not very photogenic.

I  have continued to read the book “Made to Crave”.  I have been answering the questions honestly and completely.  But not stopping there but then reading the next chapter and then the next…. and I am nearly done with the book.  I am then planning on starting it over and reading each chapter and answering the questions again.  More slowly this time.

There have been days this past week with emotional upsets ~ and I didn’t turn to any food for comfort or out of anger or… .
There have been days this past week with ‘trials’ and a forced change in plans ~ and I didn’t turn to food for encouragement or “I deserve this” lies.

Now tonight, our van is repaired.  I made a dinner that wasn’t very good.  I decided that I just wouldn’t eat any but the salad portion of it.  And I did have two pieces of the Peanut Butter Chocolate Bean cake.  Mind you, I have cut this thing into much smaller pieces than I normally do, but I had “beans” instead of the gristly, “icky” cube steaks and the icky, bitter kale (I do really, really like kale… but yuck).  I am not “full”, but not starving either.

So that is my update for week 2.


~Mrs. R