Weight Loss Update – Week 1

Last weeks post about my desire to shed these excess pounds that have lurked about my frame for far too long can be accessed from the link above.  That post also contains the breakfast mix recipe I like so much.  🙂

So, how did I do you ask?  Well I actually shed a pound.  Yes, you read that right.  One pound.  That might not sound like very much to you but I was not as disciplined with my eating as I would have liked.  So the fact that I took off any weight is amazing to me.

Oh, and you remember that I was reading Made to Crave?  I had to return it to the library and I have not purchased my own copy yet.    😦    I will be able to do that tomorrow, as it is payday!  🙂

T-Tapping did not commence until Tuesday.  I had good intentions of starting immediately, but…  I forgot on Friday.  Saturday we had to be out of the house EARLY and were gone all day, until late that evening.   Sunday I was so wiped out from our day before that all I could think about was a nap.  Monday… after piano lessons for Arrow & myself, Arrow’s swimming lessons  and errands I was still wiped out from the weekend and staying up too late Sunday night… yup you guessed it I took a nap!  But I have T-Tapped all of the subsequent three days.

Last July was the last time I T-Tapped.  Not since I broke my arm last July.  On Tuesday struggled to get through three quarters of the Basic Plus routine.  Sigh.  No stamina!  Weak and flabby muscles.  Wednesday I was able to do even less.  A “workout friend” suggested that I take breaks between the different exercises and get a drink of water.  She says that helps her do the entire workout!  I tried that today and I was able to do most of the entire workout.  I did not measure myself for inches lost, but will start that with the post next week.

I am starting out with a 14 day ‘boot-camp’ which is a daily workout, then every other day for 6 weeks, then two days off between workouts for 6 weeks then start all over with a boot-camp.  I will keep up with this schedule until I have gotten down to the size I would like to.

The photo above?  It is my motivation.  I am not sure I will be down the 36 pounds I would like to be for my first goal when I fit into this nightgown but will probably be close!

I did cut my portions in half for the most part.  I am still working on drinking enough water.  I like drinking water… but I am supposed to drink SO MUCH it is daunting to contemplate.  I even have a very large capacity water bottle… which I didn’t use.  I will fill it for tomorrow.

I will persevere!


~Mrs. R

3 responses to “Weight Loss Update – Week 1

  1. Go Mrs. R!!!

    “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” Phil 4:13. 🙂

    Don’t worry about naps–they are healthy, too! I’m looking forward to hearing about your progress! If you want it, then I want it for you!!!


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