My One Thousand Gifts List – A Beginning

RETRACTION:  I do NOT recommend this book.  I did purchase a copy, but never got around to reading it… and I am SO glad I didn’t!  My ‘very fast reading’ didn’t allow for any discernment on my part.  The idea of giving thanks in all circumstances is biblical, but she veers way off of that track!  You can read a biblical analysis of this book here and here.

I recently got Ann Voskamps book One Thousand Gifts from our local library.  I am not sure what to say.  I love this book.  I will be buying a copy so I can read it again.  I couldn’t put it down and was reading very fast.  I want to read it again and savor it.  Lingering in the lessons on thankfulness.  I want to live fully, right where I am.

I am going to start my own ‘list of one thousand gifts’ and will list them all here.

Thankfulness… to be thankful… in the small things… in the large things… practice so I can still find thanks and joy in the hard things.

1. Spring flowers

2. Birds singing in the early morning

3. the hummingbird flitting between blossoms at the flowering plant on the neighbors arbor

4. the sound of the rain on the skylight

I started out by wanting to please my husband and clear the entryway.  Some of these items had been sitting here for months.  Sigh, why do I always wait so long to get around to putting things away?  I just wanted to put these things from this one spot away.  Of course that meant I had to clear some space for those items in the hall closet.

This closet is directly across from the hall coat closet.  But it is 2/3rds the width of a “normal” hall closet.  It is narrow and deep, with a strange half shelf for the top shelf.  I don’t store my towels here, but in the bathrooms they go in.  I don’t store my extra sheets here, but in the bedrooms they are used in.  I don’t store extra blankets here, but in the “piano bench chest” for the off season.  It does seem as though we may not have much of an “off season” this year.  So the blankets are still out.   Though I could put some of them away.  Arrow just washed them for me today, so they are ready to be stored for the “summer”.

5. blankets laundered by Arrow

6. my newly organized game/puzzle/extras/first aid/candle closetThe photo isn’t very good, I will try for a better one in the morning.  And because it is in the hallway I can’t get a good angle to photograph it all together.  I may have to photograph one shelf at a time.  But I can access everything without having to move a bunch of other things out of the way!!

OK… so I got ‘into’ the closet across from this one to get better photos and I used the flash.  I almost never use flash, it is such harsh unflattering light, but for a closet… perfect!

This narrow closet is where all our games and puzzles are kept.  Those take up floor and two bottom shelves.

The third shelf  is for extra dental supplies and supplements,  and equipment like ear scopes, braces, slings, neti pots, and all the batteries.  I should design a battery storage shelf. They spill out and get everywhere!  I have been purchasing batteries at Costco, so they do come in handy boxes… but once they are opened… it just ain’t pretty (or wasn’t!!).

On the fourth shelf I keep the first aid box, homeopathic remedies, cough syrups and stuff like that.

On the very top half shelf I keep the extra Puffs Plus boxes, an essential during allergy season!  That is also where I keep the few videos we still have, one of Arrow as a toddler, one of The Patriarch’s cataract surgery, some airplane ones and a couple of others.  Just below the half shelf is the 5th shelf where I keep various candles.  There are jar candles, tea lights, votives and other container candles.  The electricity can and does go out frequently here, so a ready supply of candles is a necessity.  The electric company did trim back the trees from the power lines a couple of years ago and that lessened the number of times the power was out.  But there are those scary wind storms in the fall that usually leave us in the dark.  NOTE TO SELF:  I should put a lighter with the candles so I have everything I need all together.  DONE!!  🙂  Well after I took these photos!

I liked this so much I left the closet door open so I could look at it again and again each time I walked by!  🙂

Simple things to give thanks for.


~Mrs. R


3 responses to “My One Thousand Gifts List – A Beginning

  1. I love her book! She is such a blessing.

    • Hello Kimberly,
      Yes, Ann’s book is a tremendous blessing! I love how she writes and this is exactly what I NEED right now!
      ~Mrs. R

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