Christ Glorified in Recent Tornado

Over 200 dead after massive tornadoes rake the South

(AP Photo/The Tuscaloosa News, Dusty Compton)

It is with much sadness that I post this.  Yet our god IS faithful!  The recent tornado in Alabama that has completely devastated that region has taken the life of a godly father of 13, Mr. Lee.  Their neighbors, another godly family The Crawford’s (I am an affiliate for her product line), have had their home completely destroyed.  They also just had a brand new baby 3 weeks ago.  You can read their stories in by clicking the links below.

Kelly Crawford of Generation Cedar

Tribute to Tom Lee by Doug Phillips

How You Can Help ~ Donate Here

Please pray for all these families.

It is stories and moments like these that remind me of why it is so important to prepare with extra food, water and medical supplies.  If I had been a neighbor of these dear families, and my home was not one of the ones destroyed, I would have had the supplies these families needed.  Preparedness isn’t about saving my own skin alone.   Preparedness is providing for those the Lord puts in my path (my immediate family AND friends and neighbors) with the supplies He has allowed me to gather up and the skills I have learned so that I may be a blessing and a message of hope and love from the Lord.


~Mrs. R


2 responses to “Christ Glorified in Recent Tornado

  1. Such devastation. A gal emailed me a pic of a house that was completely flattened, roof torn apart~but thankfully they were in their basement and survived. Our family is praying for the people in this region. Mercy Lord, mercy:( Thanks for posting this so we know names of folks to keep in prayer

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