Who Decides What Is Best for MY Child to Eat?

Chicago schools have banned children from bringing a lunch from home.

According to Little Village’s principal, Elsa Carmona, the intention of the policy is to protect students from the potential for unhealthy homemade lunches.  “Nutrition wise, it is better for the children to eat at the school,” Carmona told the Chicago Tribune. “It’s about the nutrition and the excellent quality food that they are able to serve (in the lunchroom). It’s milk versus a Coke. But with allergies and any medical issue, of course, we would make an exception.”

Notice this woman claims that the school lunches are “excellent quality food”.  Can any of you distinguish what that glop is on the  blue tray?

Does what I ‘think’ might be a piece of pizza on the red tray look fresh?  I can not even hazard a guess what the ‘stuff’ to the right of the ‘supposed pizza’ might be.  Notice there is also a bag of Fritos on that red tray as well – GMO food to harm the masses of Chicago children.  Just looking at this red tray’s food I see: sugar laden chocolate milk, white flour pizza crust (high glycemic index and nutritionally lacking), sugar in the raisins, sweet diced fruit cup, carrots (higher glycemic index food) and dip (which also probably has loads of salt and might even have sugar), I’m guessing the peanut butter is the kind with hydrogenated oil to prevent separation and has added salt and sugar.  I don’t want to hazard a guess as to what the tan thing between the Fritos and the fruit cup might be, but I’d guess it also has sugar.  So out of 8 food items, there are 5 with a high sugar content.  And most of it would be the white refined sugar that is the worst for your health.

But as long as they eat it at school it is considered “excellent quality food”.

This is just one more example of the government overstepping their lines of authority.  Ah, but one has to remember that the moment you have enrolled your precious child in the public school system you have abdicated your rights over your child.  Your child belongs to the state when he is at school.

Below is a PDF document which explains this years National School Lunch Program.  And it’s funding.  Did you know there are “school food authorities” and “entitlement foods”??

Could the fact that the school gets federal money for subsidized lunches has anything to do with the ban on homemade lunches?  Did you know that each school participating in the program gets a cash subsidy AND donated commodities… for EACH meal they serve.  And even a ‘full price meal’ is still subsidized.  Notice in the section “How Much Do Schools Get?” that those rates are only for a school with 60% or less free and reduced rate lunches.  The higher reimbursement rate is not listed.


The saddest thing out of all of this is not the disgusting, non-nutritional food being foisted off as “excellent quality food”.  It really isn’t that the government is overstepping their jurisdiction, again.

The saddest thing is that no parents have stepped up to protest this.

Is it any wonder that the children today lack any respect when their very parents turn them over to someone else and don’t’ even issue a whimper at these self-serving ‘edicts’?  These children are not stupid.

This reminds me of the prodigal son story in the bible.  In that story the son asks for his inheritance while his father is still alive.  In essence telling dear old dad he wishes he was dead.  He takes the money and spends it in wild riotous living.  When the money is all gone, so are his friends.  He becomes destitute and at his lowest he remembers how his father’s servants have ample food.  He determines to return and ask to be one of his father’s servants.  You can read the rest in Luke 15:11 – 32.

The parents in this story remind me of the prodigal son.  The Lord calls children an inheritance and a blessing.  Yet the parents are squandering that very inheritance by turning them over to someone else who is no better than a hired hand.

May the Lord of Creation forgive us for wasting the most precious gifts He has bestowed upon us, our children.


~Mrs. R


7 responses to “Who Decides What Is Best for MY Child to Eat?

  1. Yep, when I read this story, the same thing occurred to me. I thought, “Unhealthy food from home? Public schools serve the same **** most people serve kids.” I’ve been there. I’ve done that. In terms of flavor, about 70% of it is passable, 20% is pretty good, and 10% is just plain unappetizing. But yea, you’ve got conventional milk every day, (Conventional milk is the only drink available to most public school students on a daily basis.) which is full of hormones and antibiotics, You’ve got white flour and refined sugars. I rarely saw fresh fruit or vegetables; most were canned.
    I vividly remember the flimsy little plastic boxes those fruits and veggies came in. I remember those plastic bags the milk came in that you had to jab your straw into to drink.
    I remember being in high school and we had one lunch line that served pizza 5 days a week. I would scramble to get near the front (as everyone else did) on stuffed crust pizza day. The line was sparse on french bread pizza day.
    The only time I remember having a salad bar was in elementary school.

    Trip down memory lane here, LOL. 🙂

    • You are so right Laura. I clearly remember how disgusting the food was in the cafeteria at school. And it is FULL of all the things that are NOT good for us to eat.
      ~Mrs. R

  2. Charlotte Moore

    We have no rights any more. This is a shame. Nutritious ????? right!!!

    • It is a sad state of affairs that we, the American people have allowed the government to usurp our rights. And all without a whimper from us!
      ~Mrs. R

  3. Excellent article!! One more reason (of thousands, I’m sure) that I am so grateful my children are home with me–being taught the ways of the Lord, learning to think for themselves, working hard, and yes, eating nutritiously!

    I agree–where are the parents???? It’s more expensive to buy lunch, and LESS nutritious (I’m guessing mostly), AND what kid in school is actually going to eat stuff he doesn’t like?? It’s going right in the trash. At least with lunch from home, the child gets to actually have a lunch he likes.

    Government out of its jurisdiction AGAIN. Ugh.

    Great job, Mrs. R! Don’t you just want to fix everybody??? 🙂
    Jill J

    • Hello Jill!
      Thank you for your comments. Yes, I would like to ‘fix’ everybody. But it didn’t work with my husband and it probably won’t work with anyone else either! 🙂
      ~Mrs. R

  4. I was shaking my head at this news, too. But I have to tell you one amazing little-known fact: Frito-Lay is GMO free, has been since 2000. Isn’t that weird? You’d think they’d advertise it. And they apparently didn’t have an easy time finding GMO oils to fry in, either. Anyway, I agree with what you have to say, but am so delighted that a huge company like that is GMO free (even while making junk, LOL) that I had to share :-). See http://www.purefood.org/ge/fritolayhalf.cfm and http://www.organicconsumers.org/ge/fritolayoil.cfm