A Governement Shutdown?

The Patriarch is a retired veteran who served his country for over 21 years.  His military service meant that he worked, usually well beyond 40 hours a week for a paltry paycheck.  No overtime pay.  No comp time.  No say in the least.  He put his life on the line many times in order to ensure the freedoms we have in this country.

We endured many long separations as just another part of ‘the job’.  Other times in his career he was in a position of responsibility and would get middle-of-the-night phone calls with some emergency that only he could deal with.  NOW!  Or he had ‘duty’ and had to be on base all night.  The stress levels of the ‘job’ were high.  Very, very high.

It was hard at times.  Most times.  Very, very hard.  And he was not in any direct combat situations and it was high stress!

Through our years of service to our country (the military wife is also sacrificing for her country) we have lived through a number of these threatened government shutdowns.  There have been the times where we had to go without a paycheck for nearly two weeks until ‘the budget’ was passed.  All because the Democrats who were in power use people as pawns in their grab for power.

This is just another example of the same ‘ol same ‘ol.  The Senate, the democrat majority senate, vote themselves a pay raise in the middle of the night during a strong economic downturn and yet they withhold (or threaten to) the paychecks of thousands of military men and women who sacrifice their lives & families ensuring our freedom.

This is not an honorable way to treat those under you.

Our government is in serious need of prayer!  Please join me in praying for our national leaders.


~Mrs. R


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