Broken Arm Blessings – Casting Call

We continue with our mini series on “Broken Arm Blessings” here with this newest installment.  In case you missed them, you can read part 1 here, part 2 here, part 3 here & part 4 here.

“Breaking” Update… … … … …

This just in from our roving reporter in western Washington…

At my post surgery appointment today, the splint I received in the operating room was removed.  I got to see my “pins”… but they aren’t “pins”, they are half penny nails!  OK, so they aren’t quite that big, but I’m sayin!  Of course I took pictures.  🙂

Rdius Holding Pins or Medieval Torture Device

They also washed my arm!  WooHoo!  I didn’t scratch… it would have only created a desire for more scratching, so I resisted.  Yes, I did touch, OK I tapped one of the ‘nails’ sticking out of my arm. Shhhh, no medical personnel were present in the room, don’t tell!  I did ask about ‘any tips’ to wash away the “ORANGE” disinfectant they liberally covered my arm with for surgery on August 5th.  No such luck, it’s long lasting stuff, it’ll have to ‘wear off’ with time.  From just below the elbow to my fingertips I am ORANGE (as seen above).  I have scrubbed my exposed fingers as much as possible and was ‘successful’ in removing only ‘some’ of the color.  And I keep scrubbing… though there is only so much ‘scrubbing’ one can do on an injured appendage so that there is no pain.  When they removed my splint the pins were already ‘stuck’ in the gauze.  It was removed without incident, but I knew I could feel it ‘getting stuck’ and attempted to ‘unstuck it’ multiple times each day since surgery.  It’s all better now and the doc said it all looked good!  What pain I felt ‘rearranging’ my splint caused NO problems.  Phew.

I now am in a full cast, which is light blue in color.  Um, medical folks listen up… 50 year old, conservative ladies DO NOT wear hot pink, bright lime green, cobalt blue, lemon yellow, bright red, construction orange or black casts!!  I mean puul-eeease!  And those of you know me, you KNOW I don’t look good in white!!  Where’s the classy cream/ecru or tan colored cast material??  What about a sweet, delicate pink??  None, so that left baby blue.

Baby Blue Cast & Casted Thumb

The post-surgery splint made my thumb go to sleep on the underside.  Well, almost asleep it was slightly numb feeling, yet maintained good color & circulation.  Partly this could be from how I was holding my arm/hand.  Whatever it was, this one doesn’t seem to do that quit as much.  There’s still a little, but if I ‘exercise it all’ it helps.  I basically ‘activate’ the muscles in my forearm, tense & release the thumb muscles, and straighten & bend the fingers.  I also try to move the shoulder & elbow as much as possible to encourage lymphatic flow.

On the way home we stopped at a dollar store to buy cheap socks & I tried to pull a sock over my cast.  I finally figured out how to wiggle that sock on over the cast.  The casted thumb makes for a really wide area to get a sock to just ‘slip over’. The cast material is, for obvious reasons, quite hard.  The end of the ‘cast material strip’ is hard with pokey bits.  A cast covered by a sock has the added benefit of making it softer to the touch and no poking areas, plus covered there won’t be any bits sticking out to snag my clothing made out of more delicate fabrics or that have delicate laces and trims.  Another benefit to a ‘covered’ cast… well then I can make sure my purse, shoes & cast match of course!  LOL  [I’d ROFLOL, but rolling on the floor is an unapproved activity right now…]  Or at least have this hardened appendage coordinate with my outfits.  No ‘clashing casts’ for this woman!

Light Lime Green 'Cast Cover'

Pretty spiffy don’t you think?!!  The other ‘cast cover’ was a medium rose pink.  Though I didn’t get any photographs of it.

Blessing List:

1) the dollar store has cheap-o socks to cut up and use for something other than a covering for the feet.

2) that the dollar store had two sock colors that coordinated with the majority of my clothes.

3) for cell phones with cameras!  That is how I got the picture of the “half penny nails”!

4) for modern medical technology – x-rays, pins to hold bones in place, pain medication, homeopathy remedies, casting material even if it isn’t in classy colors!

5) my dear husband who put my waist length, curly hair up for me every night for bed and then differently for the daytime

6) the wonder of our bodies and our ‘healing mechanism’!  That one thing puts the lie to evolution.

More to come!


~Mrs. R

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