Broken Arm Blessings – The Emergency Room

We continue the tale of the “Broken Arm Blessings” here in part 2… The ER.  You can part 1 here.  Yes you are right, blessings and broken arms seem to be at odds with each other… keep reading!  🙂

We arrived at the Good Sam hospital and they wheeled me into the emergency room.  Good Sam was B-U-S-Y and I was taken to ‘the other side’ of ER.  They were very efficient in getting my billing information.  I was given a nurse call button should I need ‘anything’ and we waited.  And then we waited, and waited, and waited, and waited some more.

I did use the call button one time.  My disposable ice was now no longer even remotely cool and I wanted to do what I could to still keep the swelling down.  I figured it was going to be really bad, especially on the face from the bridge of the nose cuts.  Well, I pressed the button and I saw the light come on above my ‘curtained cubicle’.  At one point a very busy nurse rushed passed me to somewhere and told me she would be with me in a few minutes.  I know I waited at least 15+ minutes.  When she came and got me fresh disposable ice packs I saw where she got the disposable ice from.  My bed was directly across from the nurses station so I just sent Arrow over to get me more the next time I needed some.  It was such a blessing to have Arrow there with me.  He got me many more bags of disposable ice, which was such a relief on my broken &/or banged up bits of me.

I also was able to have Arrow give me 2 or 3 more doses of the homeopathic remedy Arnica while we waited for the doctor to see me.

I had plenty of time to ‘meet’ the lady in the bed next to mine.  She was taking care of her daughter’s home & flowers when she broke her ankle “stepping” off the last step of her daughter’s deck.  She had arrived mere moments before I did.

I had Arrow call Daddy to let him know how we were doing and to also let him know we would have to turn my cell phone off as the battery was getting low.  [Note to self: keep the cell phone charged!]

Finally a doctor came by to see me and ordered x-rays and morphine.  What a relief to no longer be in pain!!  As I was being wheeled to x-ray my emergency room acquaintance said “Oh my you look really bad!”  Up to that point we had not seen each other but only talked through the curtains.  I guess my face lacerations would make me look pretty bad.

When a person has to have x-rays of a broken part of their anatomy it can be quite amusing, in an ironic sort of way.  Here they want me to rotate my arm in order to get x-rays from different angles.  Um, you have to be kidding… right?  No?  Whoa.  The contortion act I did to keep my arm from hurting while they took the necessary x-rays was interesting in a clinical sort of way.  I had the x-ray ‘pad/board/thing’ balanced on my raised knees for the three positions.  The last one was a challenge, where  I leaned way over to rotate my arm with my body rotation.  Then another hallway ride back to my ‘curtained cubicle’ and more waiting and waiting.  My toes were also getting cold, so I had ‘Arrow’ take the hospital gown and drape it, folded over my toes.  It was better than nothing!

By this time my dear husband ‘The Patriarch’ had arrived.  When I saw him I said in my most cheerful voice “Happy Birthday Honey!!”  A trip to the emergency room is a very unusual ‘gift’… if I do say so myself…  Yes, it was ‘The Patriarch’s’ birthday that very day.  My special dinner plans would have to wait for another time.  If I am remembering correctly, this would have been about 5:30 or so, making it now3 hours at ER.

Once the doctor had seen me, and I had my first set of x-rays things progressed much quicker.  And as they came to discuss treatment to my ‘next curtained cubicle over’ neighbor, they then came ‘next door’ and told me exactly the same thing… as we would require the same treatments.  The first item on “our” agenda was to set the bones.  They did offer to let us have them set without putting us under, though neither of us exercised that particular option.  Go figure.  When they were setting my curtained-cubicle-neighbors’ bone they kept calling her by my name, but I thought they were calling me.  I kept answering, hey I’m over here!  After about 4 or 5 times of them calling her by my name and me answering, they finally realized ‘that’ was not her name!  Though she was o-u-t from the stuff used to knock one out to set the bone.  My bone setting was done quickly (I think, I was now o-u-t…) and when I woke up I was sporting a splint from elbow to fingertips.  Then off once again for another set of x-rays.   The nurse who wheeled me to x-ray was very nice.  Well they all were actually.  I can’t remember now what in the world I said, but when she was ‘dropping me off’ she said ‘thanks for the laughs’!  Probably something witty like, “oh I’ll wait here “…

This set of x-rays the technician had me place my arm on a table beside my ‘bed on wheels’.  I don’t think I could have rotated my arm with the splint.  When the x-rays were taken the technician asked me how I was doing and I said fine but my toes were cold.  He said, “Oh is that why you have that on your feet?!”  He then got me one of those heated blankets.  Hmmm, heated blankets…  Reminds me of the time when “Arrow” was little and he was putting on his jammies, warm, straight from the dryer.  He asked, “Does Jesus wear jammies?”… but I digress…  Those are so wonderfully comforting and comfortable!  This ride back to my ‘curtained cubical’ was warm and toasty.

The doctor came to let us know the results of the setting.  The bone wouldn’t stay in place and he told “The Patriarch” and myself that “I would require surgery”.  Zippidy Doo Dah, can’t wait for that, isn’t a break enough??  Lord???  The doctor did have the nurses get some water and clean up all the dried blood that was in my nose and on my face before sending us out the door.  I was so thankful for that.  As we were walking out of ER I told “The Patriarch” that I needed to use the bathroom.  He did ask if I needed his help.  I said, well, I will try by myself and see how I do.  If I need you then I can let you in.  It wasn’t easy, but do-able, even if it took MUCH longer than it normally does.  But the job was done with a minimum of pain.  It was just the first of MANY lessons in how many things require two arms!

It is now 8 PM and we are just now able to leave the hospital making it nearly 5 and a half hours in the ER.  Ah, a good birthday gift after all.  Oh WAIT!  The birthday “present” doesn’t end here!!  On leaving the hospital we stopped at Wendy’s for dinner since no one had anything to eat since lunchtime.  To top it all off I still HAD to stop at the grocery store.  No, I am NOT kidding.  We were completely out of milk and bread and I was in no condition to make bread now!  So off the the store after our ‘birthday meal out’.  LOL  One lady at the store asked me if I had been in a car accident or a fall.  I told her a fall.  She said my face injuries were the same as if I had been in a car accident and the air bag got me.  Oh.  I had never thought of that, but she was right.

Ah, finally home sweet home.  There truly is no place like home!!  “The Patriarch” and “Arrow” put the groceries away and then “The Patriarch” helped me get ready for bed while “Arrow” got himself ready for bed.  I didn’t need to have my pain prescription filled as I still had some of the same stuff from a previous prescription.  I made sure to take some of that so I could sleep undisturbed by pain.  As I was heading for bed I stopped and told “The Patriarch… “uh oh, I need to remove my contacts…”!  He just stood there looking at me and then finally said, “how do we do that??”  I wish I could have taken pictures of our contortion act just to remove two small plastic lenses…  He pulled my eye open and I was able to remove the contact with my unhurt hand.  I was even more thankful that I had recently had my eyeglasses updated along with my new contact prescription!!  Finally off to bed.  Blessed rest.

Next installment – The Aftermath!  Stay tuned right here.  The “Blessings” are sure to come…    ~Aunt Mae

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