Broken Arm Blessings – The Break

First, before I get into the details you need to know that my walkway extends along the front of the house and meets up with the driveway at a 90 degree angle.  At that angle, the grass is about 1 1/2 to 2 inches below the level if the driveway.  Along the walkway and against the house is a planting area which contains two jasmine bushes/vines on trellises, an unknown, very slow growing, variegated  low ground cover, one hosta with lovely purple flowers and one hydrangea bush.   This planting area is all of 2 feet in depth.  All of you gardeners are now wondering who had the “bright” idea to plant two jasmine bushes that like to grow up under the siding as well as extend tendrils far out into the walkway (they can reach to a height of 10-15 feet, growing approximately 12-24 inches per year ) and a hydrangea bush (“The” bush in the photo at the top of this post) that will grow to be 4 feet tall and 4 feet wide in this narrow planting bed.  I too have been wondering…

Also, this will be a multiple part set of blog posts.  There is so much that happened that I couldn’t put it all in one giant post…  it would be way too long!  lol  Just how long will this series be?  I am not sure yet but 5 or 6 I think.

There I was, out to help Arrow find my garden bag.   That’s the bag with all my garden tools and I knew it HAD to be in the shed… but he claimed he couldn’t find it.  To tell you the truth I was irritated that he claimed he couldn’t find what I knew was “right there”.  I had on my apron and I was ready for the day.   We had more vegetables to plant!  I walked out the door and down the cement walkway, stepped around the lovely, full of big periwinkle blossoms, hydrangea bush (I had not pruned it back this year…) caught my foot on the driveway that sticks up above the grass and started “the trip of a lifetime”!  I took 4 or 5 “running steps” in an effort to catch myself, which actually only accelerated the velocity at which I was now “traveling”.  Well, that is until I stopped “traveling”.  The driveway is at about a 30% incline and my left side was on the uphill side of the driveway.  I remember hitting hard with my left hand and then pitching forward onto my forehead/face.  I rolled over and took one look at my arm and knew it was broken.  It had a slight dog-leg to it that shouldn’t have been there.  I clutched my arm to my chest as I lay there crying out (Oh, Oh, Oh) in pain.  Arrow was in the shed and looked out to see what the commotion was all about.  He came over and I could see he was very upset and starting to panic..  I had to get a grip on myself…  You know, Lamaze techniques come in handy for more than just giving birth!

I could feel the blood pouring down my face.  I rolled over onto my knees and stood up.  I didn’t feel at all dizzy.  We walked into the house and I had Arrow get me something cold for my broken arm.  In his panic all he could find was a bag of  reusable ice in dolphin, shell & other seaside shapes.  But it was blessedly cold!  I then went into the bathroom to assess the damage while Arrow got my cell phone.  I just prayed I didn’t break my teeth… they seem fine.  I did have a number of what looked like deep cuts on the bridge of my nose and they continued to bleed.  I told Arrow to call 911.  He came back holding my cell phone and said he couldn’t remember how to dial 911.  Poor thing.  I said just dial 911.  He did and then was answering all their questions and trying to follow my directions…

get my wallet, the house keys & put the dog outside and make sure he has water.  The 911 operator was trying to tell him to just shut the dog in a room, but I knew we were leaving and didn’t know how long we’d be gone.  Once he was off the phone with 911, I had him call his daddy to let him know what had happened & where we were going – the ER.  Then I had him grab the homeopathic remedy Arnica and give me one dose.  Cargo pants with all those pockets are my new heroes!

I then heard the EMTs arrive and we went outside to meet them.  They start calling out to me, “ma’am, ma’am we’ll come to you”!  Arrow got me a chair in the shade in front of the garage doors and I sat down, still focusing on trying to stay calm to help Arrow not panic and help me not go into shock.  I can’t see where it would help to ‘give in to the pain’.  It seems to me that it just makes me more upset and upsets those around me but doesn’t “help” the pain one bit.  The EMTs start asking questions  what’s my name, what happened, can you move your fingers, etc.  Well in my efforts to ‘stay calm’ I was using my lamaze breathing and focusing.  So I hesitated in answering the first question… guys you have to get through the “I need to stay calm” process first.  My slight hesitation made then VERY concerned.  So then I get all the, were you dizzy, do you know the name of the President kinds of questions.  But they had to ask THAT one.  So I said, “yes, unfortunately I do know the name of the president, Barak Obama”.  They put my arm in an inflatable splint and then wanted to know if Arrow was alright at home or should he come with me.  I figured Arrow would panic wondering what was happening and as homeschoolers we ‘do everything as a family’ anyway so along he came!  Then they asked something about hospitals and a preference.  I had no preference as I knew little about any of them!

I walked onto the ambulance and they pointed out the little bed in the middle of the floor, telling me, ‘this is your seat’.  O. K.  Then they strapped me in and we were off.  As we rode along they continued to take my blood pressure.  It had registered 190 over ‘something I can’t remember now’.  In the ambulance it was registering 107 over 70.  Pretty low indeed.  But it registered that consistently and they were starting to think they had faulty equipment.  They had me stick my tongue out (I forget why) and the EMT asked me in a shocked tone if I had piercings!  Who me??  Oops, no those little white pellets you see on my tongue are the Arnica.  [Note to self:  when taking a homeopathy remedy place pellets UNDER the tongue.]  At least he was shocked!  🙂

Though I didn’t get any lights or siren.  I could tell where we were by the turns & inclines even though I was facing backwards.  I asked for more disposable ice for my face and watched traffic behind the ambulance as we headed to the hospital.  Arrow got to ride in the front.  At one point I asked one of the EMTs what time it was… 2:38 PM.

Next installment – The Emergency Room!

Where are the blessings you ask??  Stay tuned they are coming… I promise!

Blessings,  ~Mrs. R

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  1. Wow! That’s quite the story, and you typed it all one-handed. Amazing!

    I can’t wait to read the next installment. 😀

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