Tomato Soup – DF

This time of year here, in the Pacific Northwest, it gets downright cold once the sun starts to go down!  Though living “so” far north means that it stays light pretty late, and in the summer it is still light outside until around 9 PM!  We love to eat soup and sandwiches on cold afternoons and evenings.   Here is one of our favorite, VERY fast soups!

Tomato Soup – Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Delicious!

1 can tomato sauce

1 can filtered water

dried basil

salt free seasoning

1 – 2 tablespoons evaporated cane juice or honey

Mix the tomato sauce and water in a pan.  Lightly sprinkle basil over soup in pot.  Do the same, only lighter still, with the salt free seasoning.  Add evaporated cane juice and stir well.
Heat on medium to low setting.  Continue stirring frequently while soup heat. While the soup is heating, make your sandwich &/or salad. Eat!

I have tried using milk, but the acid in the tomato causes the milk to curdle. Not a very pretty site in your bowl.  I thought of making a roux, but that is more work than this super simple, super easy soup.  I may try that… later!  We like this FAR better than the store-bought stuff.

Hm, next time I may try taking a picture to post here!

cooked leftover rice
1/2 a can of diced tomatoes


~Mrs. R


2 responses to “Tomato Soup – DF

  1. I love Tomatoe Soup! Looks good.

    • Tomato soup is so simply and good. I love easy to fix food that is still good for my family!! We do little to no processed foods. There are far too many “things” in that stuff that I can’t even pronounce! And the ones I do know about… they are far too scary to even consider feeding to my family! I am blessed to have a husband who also likes real food prepared simply. He is also a real trouper in trying some of my newer ‘finds’. And he is one of my most honest critics. He won’t tell me it’s good if he does not like it. Oh, and one of his jobs as a youth was working for a baker who did everything from scratch, so I have standards to meet! LOL

      Enjoy the soup, the weather sure is good for a soup night!
      ~Mrs. R