Evenings with Victoria Botkin & Give-away!!

Evenings With Victoria Botkin!!

Join Victoria as she discusses subjects such as woman’s great power, sinful tendencies, obedience vs. submission, independence vs. submission, freedom vs. submission, beauty, dress, makeup, respect, women’s rights, hospitality, speaking words of life, managing with grace, pitfalls of perfectionism in homemaking, Hollywood expectations, trials, trust, and cultivating personality. Victoria will begin each session by responding to pressing, appropriate questions from participants. Topic headings include:

  • All about Eve
  • All about Sarah
  • The Proverbs 31 wife
  • About love
  • How to help your husband love you
  • How to become a wise woman

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And there is a chance to win a free registration on Jasmine’s blog “Joyfully Home”!


~Mrs. R


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