Hamburger Rolls

This is a recipe from my mother. I made these to take to a friend’s who had invited our family over for dinner. When we walked in the door she asked me if I had stopped at the store. I said no, why. She thought my rolls were a specialty bakery item!! A very nice compliment indeed.

Here is the recipe:

Hamburger Rolls

Heat 2 cups of milk & 4 tablespoons of butter or coconut oil.
Dissolve 1 yeast cake in 1/4 cup of warm water.

In a large bowl mix 4 tablespoons sugar and 1 tablespoon salt.
When milk mixture is lukewarm pour over sugar & salt. Add yeast & water.
Add 1 egg and flour 1 cup at a time (4 – 5 cups of flour).
Mix in Kitchenaid mixer and knead at number 2 for 6 minutes. Let rise for 1 1/2 hours or more until doubled. Punch down & let rise a second time.
Punch down, shape into desired sized rolls and let rise a third time.
Bake at 375 for 15 minutes.

My adjustments:
I used fresh ground hard white wheat flour.
After shaping the rolls I brushed them with a little milk (I have also used butter with good results) and sprinkled with poppy seeds and some with sesame seeds.

I have found that they need to be about 2 tablespoons in size to rise to a “normal” sized roll. Also, it helps to squash and spread out the shaped roll before the third rise so they are not so round!

Let me know how these turn out for you!
~Mrs. R


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