Babies: From Ultra-sound to Ultra-real

I came across this and thought I would post an excerpt here. Do beware that the side bar at Daily Mail does contain immodest photos and stories. But this piece is very exciting! Yet another aid in the fight to see the unborn child as human and not a mere ‘lump of tissue’.
Mrs. R

Stunning new technology allows parents to hold a life-size model of their unborn child

Daily Mail (UK) ^ | 26 June 2009

It’s a defining moment in a parent’s life: Seeing their unborn child’s image on an ultrasound for the first time. Now pregnant women could have the chance to hold a life-size model of their unborn baby.

The startling new medical technology is the result of a Royal College of Art design student’s PhD.

Brazilian student Jorge Lopes has pioneered the conversion of data from ultrasound and MRI scans into life-size plaster models of living embryos using a method called rapid prototyping.

‘It’s amazing to see the faces of the mothers. They can see the full scale of their baby, really understand the size of it,’ said Dr Lopes.

‘The technology can be also be used as an emotional tool for parents whose fetus might be deformed or need treatment,’ added Hilary French, who heads the School of Architecture and Design Products.

(Excerpt)


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